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Being a LeTip Member in Salem Oregon for 15 years, I know all the duties of a Networking Group. I held the TipMaster position for a number of years and was so frustrated there was no automated tools out there for Letip chapters or any Newtworking Groups. I am well aware of the tasks involved in collecting, sorting and making sense of a large chapter's tips/referrals. It can be a very time consuming task; especially reporting on tips later. In 2004 I developed a database for our LeTip of Salem Chapter that electronically stores all our Chapter's Tips. It also allows for MUCH BETTER Ability to Track Outside Tips.

Please take a look at the Demo Video, which sums up the features and functionality of ChapterTool.com nicely. It briefly walks through screens and reports; you will quickly see the value this web site offers ANY Networking Group's Chapters.

PLEASE READ WHAT CURRENT SUBSCRIBING CHAPTERS OF CHAPTER TOOL ARE SAYING (See: User's Testimonials):  Current users have submitted testimonials of their Chapter using ChapterTool.com on the Testimonials Page.  As you read them, you find a consistent theme of: "Every Chapter Should Use This Tool."  

We want your Chapter to simply TRY IT - At No Cost! The Chapter Tool Application Honestly Sells Itself once you have used it. Watch the Demo Video; Sign-Up for Free 30 Day Trial and you will be hooked.  There is no reason why you should not Try It!

Click Here To View Testimonials of Chapter Tool

I have heard the arguement from chapters: "We have a system to track tips in Excel." ChapterTool.com and its built in functions, reports and search capabilities will do CIRCLES around any existing "Excel System" - I Promise You That !! There is a 30-Day Absolutely Free Trial, without any obligations, where you can try it out with your chapter's data and see the power of ChapterTool.com
Chapter Tool was developed in the fall of 2009 and released in Jan /2010 to Assist EVERY Networking Group in the nation manage, not only their Chapter's Tips, but also their Attendance, Program Manager Scheduling, and Tracking Guests that visit your chapter. It is a solution well worth looking into. Try the 30 Day Free Trial and take it for a test drive. There has not yet been a chapter that has signed up for the Free Trial and plugged in data that has not become a subscribing member of Chapter Tool. I strongly encourage you to watch the demo video, sign up for a Free Trial and begin using Chapter Tool TODAY!

ATTENTION Chapter/Group Board of Directors:  Please view and print this One Page Flyer out and pass along to other board members within your chapter; you will not be sorry. 
LeTip Chapter Board of Directors One Page Summary Flyer

Chapter Tool Is The Solution

Now, ALL Netowrking Group's Individual Chapters or Groups have the ability to easily enter new weekly tips, manage existing tips and report on their chapter's tipping efforts. Reports such as Weekly Tip Report, Monthly Tip Report, Monthly Low Tipper Report, Monthly Top Tipper, Quarterly Tip Report with Rankings and Number of Unique Members tipped in both a quarter and year to date format. There are also reports and tools to better manage and track those Outside Tips, after they have turned into Dollars In Your Pocket! 

In addition to tracking a Chapter's Tips, Chapter Tool also easily tracks Chapter Attendance. Easy, Color-Coded Attedance Report - Perfect for Board Meetings. 

We know there is a need for chapters to conveniently and securely enter and manage their chapter's tips. This web-based application now handles all of these needs, plus more, for a very affordable monthly service fee, which is based on a sliding scale, so equally fair to large, medium and small LeTip Chapters. There are No Upfront Costs.

Another Huge Benefit is the easy in transitons in boards year in and year out. Often this is a slight stumbling block, but not with Chapter Tool. It is so easy to use, a 6 year old child could enter the tips.

ChapterTool.com offers 4 Modules:

   • Tips Module 
      Track Chapter Tips easily with a variety of reports and features such as
      Weekly Tip Report (See Example Weekly Report)   
      Monthly Tip Report (Summary and Detail) (See Example Monthly Report
      Monthly Low Tipper Report 
      Monthly Top Tipper Report for both Total Tips Given and Dollars Generated 
      Quarterly Tip Report with Quarterly and Year-to-Date Tip Summaries
            for Tips Given, Tips Received, Unique Members Tipped, Chapter Rankings
            (See Example Quarterly Report)   
      Tip Range Report - Customize the Date Range and Ability to Sort Ascending
            or Descending by 14 different columns.  (See Example Tip Range Report)   
      Extensive Tip Search (Ask your own questions of the tipping data)  

      Additional features allow for the reporting and updating of Outside Tips with
      no dollar amounts, which helps in reporting a Chapter's bottom line
      "Dollars in your Pocket" for LeTip referrals

    • Attendance Module 
      Track LeTip Chapter Attendance with handy color coded reports to easily
      distinguish how many meetings members have missed within a quarter
      and meeting LeTip minimum attendance requirements.
      (See Example Attendance Report)

   • Program Manager Module 
      Manage which LeTip ShowBoaters, Greeters, and Speakers for Chapter
      meetings. LeTip Chapters can easily create links from their chapter's web site
      to this Program Manager data. The Program Manager Module is dynamic,
      so no additional edits to your chapter's web site are required.

  • Guest Module 
      Manage your Chapter's Guests and what Member brought them, when
      they came, their full contact information and more. Various Guest
      Reports, including a Member "Report Card" Report which displays each
      Member in your Chapter and their Tips, Attendance and Guests for a
      single month; Great for Board Meetings!

Top Ten Reasons to Join Chapter Tool:

   • Free Trial 
      Free Trial Period - Try It Out at No Cost! - What The Heck!
      Sign-Up for Free Trial and Use ALL the Features and Functionality
      of ChapterTool.com   If you feel it does not work for your chapter
      there are No Obligations Beyond The FREE Trial.
   • Meets Multiple Needs Of Any And All Networking Groups 
      Collect and Manage Your Chapter's Tips/Referrals.
      Collect and Manage Your Chapter's Attendance.
      Collect and Manage Your Chapter's Greeters, Showboaters, Speakers.
   • Reports Your Chapter Has Never Had 
      Multiple Online Dynamic Reports for Tips & Attendance.
   • No Upfront Costs To Join 
      Monthly Service Fee Based On Number Of Active Members In Your Chapter/Group.
      Absolutely FREE for the First 30 Days; No Obligations to Continue Beyond Free Trial.
   • No Invoices or Bills Payable 
      Monthly Automated Direct Deposit From Chapter's Checking Account.
   • VERY Affordable 
      Ranges from $1.12 to $1.57 per Active Member per Month;
      dependent upon what Modules you wish to use. (max: $1.57)
      Montly Fee Based On Only Active Members For That Month.
      See: Current Rates for full details.
   • Cancel At Anytime 
      No Long-Term Contracts; No Obligations To Stay; Month to Month Agreement.
   • Secure Transactions
      ALL Website Transactions Use  HTTPS://
      Extended Validation SSL Encryption Certificate.
   • Link To Your Tipping/Referral Data From Your Web Site 
      ALL Subscribing Chapters/Groups Have The Ability To Link To Their Tipping/Referrals Data and Much More.
      View How Networks of Salem Links to their Chapter Tool Reports.
   • Helps With Recruitment Of New Members 
      Ability To View Historical Tipping/Referral Data For Chapter's Open Categories.

View One Page Flyer for Current Networking Chapter/Group Board of Directors
View our Chapter Tool Demo Video - Here 

FREE TRIAL.  Absolutely NO OBLIGATION!  Nothing to Lose.

We are confident the services offered are Well Worth Their Monthly Service Fee and it will sell itself.
Click Here to Sign-Up for the Free Trial of Chapter Tool.

Get more details of Rates/Cost of Chapter Tool Services See the Rates / Cost Page

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