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Rates / Cost

ChapterTool.com offers 4 Seperate Services and/or Modules.

  1. Managing Chapter Tips
  2. Managing Chapter Attendance
  3. Managing Chapter Guests
  4. Managing Chapter Program Manager Calendar (Duties)
        1. Scheduling ShowBoaters
        2. Scheduling Greeters
        3. Scheduling Speakers

Subscription Rates (beyond the Free Trial) are based the Number of Active Members a Chapter has each month. We wanted to keep it very fair and affordable to ALL Chapters.

The Primary Service is Managing a Chapter's Tips.  Additional modules are offered for Managing Attendance, Managing Guests and Managing Program Manager Calendar (Duties)

2018 Rates
Services Cost (per active member per month)
Manage Tips $1.12
Manage Attendance     .15
Manage Guests     .15
Manage Program Manager     .15

Chapters can choose to only subscribe to the Managing Tips Module for just $1.12 per member. Chapters can add on additional modules for just .15 per module per member. 

Example Chapter Scenarios and Their Cost.

Chapter Active
Prog Mgr
Chapter #1 11 Y N N N $1.12 $12.32
Chapter #1 11 Y Y N N $1.27 $13.97
Chapter #1 11 Y Y Y N $1.42 $15.62
Chapter #1 11 Y Y Y Y $1.57 $17.27

Chapter #2 24 Y N N N $1.12 $26.88
Chapter #2 24 Y Y N N $1.27 $30.48
Chapter #2 24 Y Y Y N $1.42 $34.08
Chapter #2 24 Y Y Y Y $1.57 $37.68

Chapter #3 40 Y N N N $1.12 $44.80
Chapter #3 40 Y Y N N $1.27 $50.80
Chapter #3 40 Y Y Y N $1.42 $56.80
Chapter #3 40 Y Y Y Y $1.57 $62.80

So how does the payment process work?

So this is how it works for future months of subscription:
On the first of each month an automated process is executed from the Chapter Tool Server that generates E-Invoices and emails those E-Invoices to the person listed on the Direct Authorization Payment Form for each subscribing chapter (often, but not always, the Chapter Treasurer). That email is sent out on the first of each month and contains the following information (specific to your chapter):

Chapter Tool Services:
Chapter: <Chapter Name>
Chapter Tool Services for: <Month>-<Year>
Your Current Active Member Count: <Number of Active Members>
Cost of Chapter Tool Services: <Monthly Rate> / per Active Member.
Total Invoice Amount: <Calculated Amount Specific to Chapter and Month/Year>

Account Information:
Bank Name & Account: <Bank Name> - <Account Last Four Digits>)
Estimated Process Date: <Month> 10, <Year>

Approximately 10 days later (~10th Day of that month), that amount will automatically be withdrawn from the Account your chapter provided via an ACH Bank Process. There is no writing or mailing of invoices, no checks to write, no late payments; it truly is a slick process.

When the ACH Process is Queued, you will be sent a second email that states the exact date the amount will be withdrawn, to keep you in the loop of the process. What will show up on Your Chapter's Bank Statement is: "ACH ITEM CHAPTER TOOL" (Amount)

The Subscription to ChapterTool.com is a Month-to-Month Agreement, No Long Term Contract. If your chapter ever feels it does not wish to continue the Chapter Tool Services, simply notify us via email or call. If you make contact prior to the ACH Processing, the Chapter Tool account will be deactivated immediately and no charges for that month will occur. If you make contact after the ACH processing (for that month) then your account is active through the end of that month (paid for) and deactivated then and you will no longer receive E-Invoices or ACH Withdrawals.

OPTIONAL:  When Your Chapter First Joins ChapterTool.com
Each Chapter is given a 30-Day Free Trial of ChapterTool.com  
Upon signing up for the 30 Day Free Trial, we encourage chapters (during the Freel Trial Period) to enter in one month back and one month forward, so that the Free Trial is really 60 Days of Tipping Data. If a chapter choices to go back further than the one month back, there is a one-time "Half-Price" fee for those months going back further than one month of the Trail Start Date.
Example:  If a chapter's free trial started on May 1st. You could enter in data for the month of April (one month back) and all of May (one month forward). If your chapter wanted to enter in Tips going back to Jan 1st, that would be 3 Months charges at Half-Price.  That is calculated on your first monthly payment, which in this example would be June.

Still have questions? Please give us a call to discuss: 503-373-4728

Direct Payment Authorization Form  (to be completed by every subscribing Chapter of Chapter Tool.)

ChapterTool.com is a product of Brian Platz dba The Web Doctor.