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Chapter Tool
Brian Platz (owner)
1017 Shenandoah Dr SE
Salem, Oregon 97317-5910

(503) 373-4728
(503) 373-9848 (fax)



ChapterTool.com Offers 4 Services:

   • Tips Module 
      Easily tracking chapter tips with many reports such as Low Tipper,
      Top Tipper, Quarterly Tip Report with Quarterly and Year-To-Date
      Tip Summaries for Tips Given, Tips Received, Unique Members Tipped
      along with Rankings for each Category (quarterly and year-to-date)
      Additional features allow for the reporting and updating of Outside
      Tips with no dollar amounts, which helps in reporting a Chapter's
      bottom line "Dollars in your Pocket" for Letip referrals.

   • Attendance Module 
      Easily tracking chapter attendance with handy color coded reports
      to easily distinquish how many meetings members have missed
      within a quarter and meeting Letip minamum attendance requirements.

   • Program Manager Module 
      Easily enter and manage which Letip members are Greeters,
      ShowBoaters, and Speakers for Chapter meetings.
      Chapters can easily create links from their chapter's web site to
      this Program Manager data. It is dynamic, so no additional edits to
      your chapter's web site are required.

   • Guest Module 
      Manage your Chapter's Guests with an easy to use online form that takes
      a membership chair minutes to enter. This module also has handy reports
      to show what members are brining guests, which ones joined and which
      ones did not and why. This helps any and every board make better more
      educated decisions.

Top Ten Reasons to Join Chapter Tool:

   • Free Trial 
      Free Trial Period - Try It Out at No Cost! - What The Heck!
      Sign-Up for Free Trial and Use ALL the Features and Functionality
      of ChapterTool.com   If you feel it does not work for your chapter
      there are No Obligations Beyond The FREE Trial.
   • Meets Multiple Needs Of Any And All Networking Groups 
      Collect and Manage Your Chapter's Tips/Referrals.
      Collect and Manage Your Chapter's Attendance.
      Collect and Manage Your Chapter's Greeters, Showboaters, Speakers.
   • Reports Your Chapter Has Never Had 
      Multiple Online Dynamic Reports for Tips & Attendance.
   • No Upfront Costs To Join 
      Monthly Service Fee Based On Number Of Active Members In Your Chapter/Group.
      Absolutely FREE for the First 30 Days; No Obligations to Continue Beyond Free Trial.
   • No Invoices or Bills Payable 
      Monthly Automated Direct Deposit From Chapter's Checking Account.
   • VERY Affordable 
      Ranges from $1.12 to $1.57 per Active Member per Month;
      dependent upon what Modules you wish to use. (max: $1.57)
      Montly Fee Based On Only Active Members For That Month.
      See: Current Rates for full details.
   • Cancel At Anytime 
      No Long-Term Contracts; No Obligations To Stay; Month to Month Agreement.
   • Secure Transactions
      ALL Website Transactions Use  HTTPS://
      Extended Validation SSL Encryption Certificate.
   • Link To Your Tipping/Referral Data From Your Web Site 
      ALL Subscribing Chapters/Groups Have The Ability To Link To Their Tipping/Referrals Data and Much More.
      View How Networks of Salem Links to their Chapter Tool Reports.
   • Helps With Recruitment Of New Members 
      Ability To View Historical Tipping/Referral Data For Chapter's Open Categories.

ChapterTool.com is a product of Brian Platz dba The Web Doctor.