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Below are what Subscribing Networking Chapters/Groups are saying about ChapterTool.com

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Testimonial "I am the River City Tipmaster. I have been a tipmaster in the past and found it to be a very time consuming, laborious chore. Along came Chaptertool and now I even look forward to recording tips. I put on a good movie, enter tips and it is all done; often in less than half an hour. At that point all I have to do is print out the reports for the board meeting and I am done. I love it.   Thanks Brian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Linnie Thomas Tailor (Tipmaster) - River City LeTip

Testimonial "ChapterTool is awesome! It is very quick and easy to use. Our board really likes all of the reports that give us insight as to how our chapter is performing. Brian does an outstanding job in listening to its current users and is continually updating the site to better serve all of us. Every chapter should use this tool, it brings consistency in reporting so that when you change tip masters, program directors, etc. the reporting stays the same."
Randy Reynolds - Bend LeTip

Testimonial "We use Chapter Tool for recording tips and it is phenomenal. It cuts down on time, it's easy to use and the chapter just loves the reports. Thank you so much for creating it. I don't see why any chapter would choose NOT to use it."
TJ Helm - Beaverton LeTip

Testimonial "As a new tipmaster, I have found ChapterTool.com easy to use, easy to learn and capable of producing the information we need to help manage our Letip chapter. I have worked with a lot of software in my time (I used to work for Hewlett-Packard and bought the software we used to run the company) and am impressed with what Brian has produced. Thank you for your hard work."
Natalie Frajola - Salem - Keizer LeTip

Testimonial "I have found ChapterTool extremely useful in tracking our Chapter's tips. It's easy to update and has useful reports. We are getting a much more accurate assessment of what our Outside tip success rate is. Brian is also very quick to respond to questions as they arise."
Larry Morris - Newberg/Sherwood LeTip

Testimonial "Our chapter has been using Chapter Tools for over a year (Feb - 2011) and have had very good results. It’s really nice being able to keep everything together and the reports the system provides are very nice. Entering my weekly attendance report is done in seconds!"
Vicki Pantano - Central Bucks LeTip

Testimonial "I must say, very nice, very detailed and is very user friendly. This is something every chapter should have, you are a genius."
Bob Quenzel - Stockton LeTip

Testimonial "Just wanted to let you know that we're up and running with your Chapter Tool program, and it's been a BIG Hit with the Board of Portland LeTip. Our current Tipmaster is our chapter's IT guy, and he's very savey about learning the program and running the numerous  reports available for Board meetings."
Claude Werner Laviano - Portland LeTip

Testimonial "It is a very helpful tool. I like the ease in which I can access many different reports and how it keeps evolving to become a better and better online tool."
George Ormsbee - Klamath Falls LeTip

Testimonial "Based upon our last Board meeting, it was a unanamous decision to sign up for Chapter Tool. We are very exicted to have this software implemented and looking forward to all the reports available."
Edwina Clay - LeTip of Longview, WA

Testimonial "I love entering the weekly tip forms in ChapterTool.com   It's so easy and a multitude of reports once entered. Brian is awesome to work with and is always there to answer my questions and has incorporated many of my suggestions."
Diane Wardell - LeTip of Salem

Testimonial "I have been using Chapter Tool for a couple months now and everything works great and very easy to use. I appreciate all the hard work I am sure you have put into this; Well Done!"
Kelly McNiece - Portland LeTip

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